Transitions & Plans: The Great Graduate School Change.

As I am beginning my fifth year as a student at the University of Miami, I’m leaving behind old habits and developing new constructive ones. I could never have anticipated six months ago that I’d be exactly where I am right now, let alone that my personal productivity and focus would jump 200%. I honestly could not understand what all of my Graduate-level colleagues were talking about the shift from Undergraduate education to becoming a member of a more elite echelon of the higher levels of higher education. Rumors of less courses but more coursework, “free” time absorbed by additional responsibilities and the like were all dismissed, and naïvely so.

Here at the end of week three of this new chapter in my life, I’m achieving a unity of purpose in my thoughts and actions. The Arts Presenting and Live Entertainment Management program at the University of Miami Frost School of Music provides for me the final focus of a length 6-year period of feeling adrift at sea, beginning with my high school “distractions” and culminating with being awarded a Bachelor of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, adequately setting me up for arts management curricula.

Since my May 2014 commencement I have been afforded opportunities to shape up my habits through a voluntary summer arts internship; get involved in a committee for the Frost School of Music’s collaboration with Universal Music Classics; support colleagues as a means to develop my business and arts collaboration skills; and push myself in other ways to continue to achieve success.

Looking forward, this blog will allow me to share my experiences in work, school, and extra-curricular activities in order to better myself, make connections, and develop resources that may yield benefits to the greater arts management realm. As we communicate better and collaborate smarter, we stand a chance to make a difference in arts advocacy affecting all who are continually connected to the arts.

What can I really say in closing but… man, I’m really excited. THR