Adam Tell: Past the Hypothetical (Album Review)

(You can buy Past the Hypothetical on Bandcamp and iTunes, and stream it on Spotify.)

I knew Adam Tell as a fraternity brother and as a jazz singer on the level of the likes of Michael Bublé. Heck, he’s got the ability to croon and play piano just as well if not better than Jamie Cullum, a hero of mine back in my middle and high school days. But man was I surprised when a week or so after its first release, I finally decided to check out Past the Hypothetical, Adam’s debut album. Now a month later, I can’t stop listening. Continue reading

Cane Records Showcase Photography

After being a member of the staff of ‘Cane Records, the University of Miami’s premiere record label, I was asked to photograph the final live showcase of the talented artists chosen for the Breaking the Surface Vol. IV compilation album, released in 2014. As part of Miami Music Week, the ‘Cane Records Breaking the Surface Showcase presented the talents of Jared Dylan, FAVIO, Megan Talay, Justina Shandler, and Jordan Brown at Miami’s Tobacco Road venue. Continue reading